The *Best* Sugar Cookies Ever

The *Best* Sugar Cookies Ever are little nuggets of joy! They’re soft, chewy, irresistible, and hold their shape perfectly!


Every year for V-Day I LOVE making sugar cookies. Ha ha, get it? Love? For Valentine’s Day? Okay, okay, lame… I know. You’ll have to get used to my corny jokes if you stick around.

Back to V-Day and cookies…

Don’t get me wrong, I love making sugar cookies, but I have to totally psych myself up to make them. It seems like such a long process to make the dough… roll it out.. chill  the dough… make the cutouts… wait an excruciating 9 minutes for them to bake… then frost them in some tedious way… ALL FOR A COOKIE!

But once you take one scrumptious, gigantic bite of that soft, almondy, chewy cookie, you know it’s definitely worth your time. And come to think of it, it only takes a few hours (including the chill time) to make them. I just always tend to make things more dramatic than they have to be. My husband calls me BS on S or Boy Scout on Steriods.

I’m always over exaggerating.  I’m always planning for the worst to happen. I’m always researching the latest disease that I have. Or that my kids have. But if my husband has a cold, I know he’s totally faking. Isn’t that right? 😉

But back to cookies.


I’ve been making these cookies for-ev-uh and I can’t remember where I got the recipe. I wish with all my little momma heart that I could remember so I could give the good person responsible for coming up with these cookies credit, but I can’t. So pretty please forgive me! And then make a batch of these cookies and eat all of them. And I’ll do the same.

I love the almond flavor these cookies have. One of my besties hates almond flavored anything, so I’ve banned her from ever having sugar cookies. Because we all know that almond flavoring makes for the *best* tasting sugar cookies… am I right?


Now be a dear, and say I’m right.

And then make yourself another batch of cookies.

You deserve them.

Not only do you deserve them, but I can pretty much guarantee you’ll fall madly in love with these chewy gems. Once they’re chilled, the dough is easy to cut out, it’s firm, holds its shape, and bakes quite nicely. Here’s a tip for ya, though… Don’t put the cut outs too closely to each other on the baking sheet… the cookies do puff up a bit, so you don’t want them to get stuck together while they’re baking!







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